Before I started using Animation Kits, I’ve been doing animations from scratch, which takes a long time, and typical actions like creating rig, basic animations become routine. Animation Kits simplify the process, freeing time for more creative work.

I decided to make a universal solutions for this task. I started with a very simple and clear character rig and a basic set of animations: several types of melee attack, walking, running and other animations.

You can see a rough version:

Nothing complicated. At this moment I’m doing everything in Spine, and I try to modify it into even more useful solution.

It is called AnimightKit (0.9). Now I’m working on a next release – version 1.0. It will include some new animations for platformers and side-scrollers.

Actually, my plan is to develop the AnimatightKit and share the process on the blog and on the Patreon. On the Patreon you can support the development and get various types of access to the current version of Animight and different goodies.

Also, the version 0.9 of AnimightKit can be found now on the Gumroad, just click on the button:

AnimightKit on Gumroad